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BondPR - One world, many markets, one team
About Us
BondPR Worldwide enables you to talk to the world

For brands:
You can build your brand in one country or across the world through one point of contact giving you access to media and marketing professionals in now over 100 countries, This means you can achieve more for less, getting your message to multiple markets with speed and efficiency

For agencies:
You can present your clients with a proven operational capability to deliver campaigns across the world. This ready-made facility means you can provide a professional personal client relationship, enabling you to grow your business without the financial and management pressure of setting up overseas offices. Ask about our Premium Partner and Member options.

Simon Quarendon – CEO

Simon Quarendon has extensive knowledge of international public relations. His thirty year career started in 1982 at Good Relations followed by time spent in several other well-known UK PR agencies. He set up his first PR agency, Words, etc in 1990 before joining Ogilvy PR worldwide as the Managing Director of its UK Technology Practice. In this capacity, he managed its largest client, IBM, an account brief that comprised managing a ‘best of breed’ PR agency network in 25 countries. During this time, Simon was Chairman of the International Committee of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA), a professional body representing the UK’s PR agencies.

Simon left Ogilvy to become the Secretary General of the International Communications Consultants Organisation (ICCO). This umbrella trade body represents the national trade associations of over 1000 PR agencies in twenty nine countries around the world. Whilst at the ICCO, Simon organised two Global Summits and extended the PRCA’s Agency Management Certification scheme into several other countries. He also set up the first ICCO College, that offered online training courses to emerging countries.

Simon set up his second PR agency in 2002. The Lean Agency designed and built communications dashboards, that helped manage international PR campaigns. Clients included HP and Xerox, which used it to manage fifteen PR agencies in its Developing Markets Overseas (DMO) region. Simon acquired Keene Communications in 2009. The agency, where he is still chairman, provides corporate communications, public affairs and strategic marketing services to a wide range of clients.



Tom Burgess – Founder, Non-Executive Director

Tom founded BondPR Worldwide with the vision of providing an innovative approach to international PR campaigns. He has managed PR and marketing campaigns for over 400 companies including, Amstrad, Autodesk, BT, Control Data, Dell, Fujitsu, Intergraph, Novell, Regus and Sage as well as national and local governments such as the Irish Development Board and the State of California. He has also worked as journalist, editor and broadcaster including as a reporter on ‘Computing’, once the UK’s leading weekly IT specialist newspaper.

Tom left BondPR operational involvement in 2014 to work on a new political agenda.

His first book, entitled ‘From Here to Prosperity’ was published in May 2016 by Shepheard-Walwyn as part of their Ethical Economics series. Tom set up the Progressive Policy Unit and is now the Executive Director, he is also an advisor to Tax Justice UK and The Equality Trust. While in California he worked on the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign and subsequently as an adviser to the national movement to form a new political party. He now focuses on writing, public speaking and seeking to cooperate with organisations involved in minimising inequality and in promoting an inclusive political agenda.