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RegusRegus operates 1100 locations in 500 cities in 85 countries.


BondPR was invited to propose a plan for their 30 ‘Tier two’ countries, those below the Top 10 countries. Previously, they had 20 agencies serving these 30 countries – that was 20 budgets, 20 relationships and multiple reports. This led to lack of consistency.

Regus case studyResult

The Regus campaign is about seeking editorial opportunities around a number of topical themes that Regus can add content to: facts, figures, examples, comment, interviews, pictures etc. The aim is to create awareness and interest for Regus services which are highly relevant at this time. Each of these themes needs localising so it is relevant to each country and includes local references which make it more about business/life in the country. Regus is then seen as a key part of the business landscape and a positive contributor to successful business and the quality of both work and life.

BondPR was given a fixed budget reduced from the previous year by 20%, clear targets and offered a bonus for exceeding target. Regus had one point of contact at BondPR for the whole campaign and BondPR took care of adapting and localising content and ensuring that the people on the ground achieved target. Regus received a global clipping report which achieved 20% more coverage than before BondPR were involved. So the global target was exceeded, the bonus was received and the campaign is now in its second year and well ahead of target.