Digital PR and online support

Digital PR
The links generated by a great Digital PR campaign drive traffic – and can also greatly improve a site’s search rankings. Achieving high quality online coverage is fundamental to any successful PR campaign. It’s also a key contributor to a site’s search ranking. The borderless nature of the internet means that a good story, supported by strong content, can spread across the world in a matter of minutes.

Bond PR offers a comprehensive global Digital PR service. We sell-in to each blogger and journalist individually, based on meticulous research and a deep understanding of the industry.  And we track coverage too, presenting it back to clients with stats, screenshots and comments.

Social media

Social media means many things to many people – but we see it as a medium through which stories and content can be easily shared. Once you’ve done the hard bit – coming up with a great story and creating supporting content – it’s important to ensure that interested parties can easily tell their friends about it.

This is where social media comes in. Firstly, people can interact with a campaign within platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where apps can be built and Tweets can shared respectively. Secondly, users can be encouraged to share content outside of these platforms by clicking Like, Tweet and other social buttons adjacent to the content in question. This immediately places content under the noses of their peers.

Web design and development

Campaign microsites are an excellent means of showcasing content and capturing visitors’ attention. Every great PR campaign needs a home, where visitors can be entertained and supporting content – copy, photography, video, a blog, a game or anything else – can be showcased. Bond pulls on its team’s extensive web design and development experience to produce beautiful, SEO-friendly and fully manageable microsites in short timescales.

Mobile apps and marketing

The proliferation of smartphones has led to a new frontier in marketing – the branded mobile app. Nothing can beat intimacy and immediacy of a mobile phone. That’s why ever more brands are developing mobile apps as a means of providing a wide range of genuinely useful content to consumers.

Bond PR has experience in managing branded apps from conception to delivery, including design, development, publishing and marketing.

Email marketing

Arguably the most effective means of building long term relationships between brands and consumers. Marketing is all about capturing people’s attention, so encouraging users to voluntarily provide their email address should be a priority.  Doing so means that brands can interact with customers well beyond the direction of a finite PR campaign. And that in turn can build advocacy and drive sales over a longer period of time. Email marketing is inexpensive, effective and easily trackable, and building a database of contacts is a tangible