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BondPR - Multi country campaigns made simple
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Multi-Country Campaigns

Clients benefit from seamless, scalable, measurable campaigns with one point of contact for the whole region or the whole world.

Big but Intimate: BondPR Worldwide is co-headquartered in London UK and San Francisco US, with a presence in all major international business and media markets, We offer the nimbleness and intimacy of service expected of a small agency backed up by the resources of a full-service, global and independent PR agency.

Globally Local: We are currently executing campaigns in over 60 countries. Our key ability is to understand and engage with local markets and media and influentials across the globe with great efficiency and impact.

Impact: Our business was built, ground-up, to service multi-national client campaigns. All campaigns are delivered by BondPR team members. We have best-of-breed partner agreements with the leading independent B2B and IT agencies, all of whom operate their international business under the BondPR brand. This approach means clients have the advantage the finest and most experienced team anywhere in the world, all of whom work as one, integrated, multi-country team ; driving campaigns with consistent messages, service quality, results and impact in all countries